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Areas of Expertise

A.R.T. Areola Restorative Tattooing

I am a certified paramedical artisan and am a proud member of the A.R.T. global team of highly-skilled specialists.

Areola Tattooing is often left in the hands of beauticians or nurses, despite how difficult it is to achieve true artistic permanence in damaged skin. That's where advanced tattooists come in, and what A.R.T. is all about. A great, truly permanent areola tattoo is not only about a survivor feeling great about their new body, but about them turning the last corner of treatment, and starting on a new, and hard-earned path....

Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy is just a fancy name for dry-needling. Using the same equipment, and a slightly different technique, we can inspire collagen growth through gently controlled injury, by needling into the scar itself. By restoring blood flow back to the old scar tissue, and re-activating the body's natural healing process.  Regardless of the age or nature of the original injury, an entirely new, deeper level of healing can occur.

Scar Coverups

With almost 25 years experience, and a comfort working with scars, I can create and lay a balanced, and strategic design over any scar you may have. A design with the right flow can inspire the eye to travel past the scar, and enhance the body's natural composition. It can no longer feel like a scar once it's become part of something new, and beautiful.

My Approach

Through the two decades I’ve spent exploring and developing my own artistry, it’s been my clients,

their stories, and their trust that continue to inspire me. After the countless hours, and years connecting with so many different people, I’ve come to believe the Tattoo experience itself can be as meaningful as the artwork I’ve created with them...

My portfolio isn't merely a gallery of images, but a collaborate collection of individual people, and the stories behind each of them...

My Approach
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